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e-commerce innovation & design

The Payeezy online payment system sets up a new standard on the online payment market. It comes with all best features that First Data Poland has to offer: highest safety standards and extra functionalities that amplify the solution’s aptitude.


One of these was to integrate the solution with the Magento sales platform. All thanks to a Magento Payeezy payment module that we have tailored to deliver extended  functionality.

Client info

By all means is First Data the leader of the financial services sector. It serves 6 million clients in commerce and banking, its cutting-edge payment solutions delivered daily by 24,000 employees in 35 countries around the world.


Each second in one of the 70 serviced countries there are 2,000 transactions made worth of 1.8 billion USD yearly.

Polcard, the Polish brand of First Data, services payments made in POS terminals and online.


It was right at the debut of Payeezy when its authors declared they had in mind to have the solution integrated with the most popular e-commerce platform, Magento.

Cooperation between First Data Poland and Bold Brand Commerce was envisaged to create new opportunities for the payment method selection and improved conditions of work for both customers and shop owners. An experienced team, we have prepared a free-of-charge Magento Payeezy payment module, one that offered extended functionality and that was to be matched with paid equivalent solutions.


. Our focus falls on getting non-standard solutions that help to develop our client’s business, now also in the e-commerce area. This translates into selecting the right partners, creating added value and making our offer outrun that of our competitors. When creating Payeezy we rely on experience of the eCommerce members and this makes us get their needs just right – says Damian Zapłata, the Board Director of First Data Poland.


transaction service made intuitive

The Magento Payeezy module has one basic functionality found in just any other organization dealing with electronic transactions, but what the others do not have is extra functions streamlining the order servicing process. Each transaction is acknowledged by an e-mail that now contains a “Pay now” link. By clicking the link the client gets transferred to the First Data Poland website where the payment is completed. The “Pay now” link appears in the client’s detailed order in his account as well.


Implemented has also been a functionality that allows the client to annul orders pending. When this works as a standard solution in Magento,  it needs an administrator to perform annulment from the administrator’s panel.



Should – for any reasons (no money in the account, wrong PIN number etc.) – the transaction be failed, the module will display the error page, to which extra options have been added: “Pay again”, “Order again” or “Annul the order”. The client will get feedback on the reason of this annulled transaction and may proceed to whichever shopping path he wants.


 BETTER control and more configuration options

In his administrator’s panel the shop owner or a user authorized to access the shop configuration is able to peruse notifications sent by First Data Poland upon the payment effected. Also sent are those communications that inform about errors and reasons of failed payments. Further configured is the function of automated mail acknowledging an order. Here the content of communications is editable.


Depending on individual needs and sales policy the module may work for specific countries (those ones we are interested in) or predetermine the brackets for the order worth in the module.

On top of that, the module services all credit and debit cards, quick transfers (among others, mBank, Inteligo, iPKO, Przelew24 BZWBK, itd.), and virtual wallets (, MasterPass).


An e-shop that uses the Magento platform coupled with the Payeezy payment system is able to lower the transaction failure rates. This translates into more satisfaction from shopping. And all down to one option, which helps to retain the basket content and pay for it again.


Should problems occur in any other free-of-charge module, be it equipment failure or Internet cut, the entire order will get annulled. With our Payeezy Magento module, the payment will be effected again.


Robert Żochowski, head of IT, Bold Brand Commerce

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