Designing and implementing an e-commerce channel for the luxury perfumery network in Warsaw.



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If niche perfume exudes luxury and extravagance, so should the Internet based perfume shop. Luxury of design, sales and user&customer experience. And here we were, dazed by the challenge to create the most exclusive place in the Internet. Which we took up.

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MON CREDO belongs to the chain of the most exclusive niche perfume shops of Warsaw. Its product range boasts more than 80 brands of fragrance, care and make-up products, to name but a few of the perfumes: Designer Shaik, Nobile 1942, Neela Vermeire Creations or Parfums de Marly.


This luxurious, somewhat exotic assortment is completed by the shop’s interior, alluding to the elegance and glitz of the 1930’s. Delicate scent of perfume and private climate of the place intensify its uniqueness. It is a place where only those who adore beautiful fragrances meet.


The Internet-based Mon Credo perfume shop aimed at being the most exclusive place on the Internet, hence the need to render its stationary design as closely as possible.

We did not care about designing and implementing yet another e-shop selling perfumes and cosmetics. What we wanted, was to retell the climate and a unique shopping experience that this niche perfume shop had to offer.
The e-commerce platform was also to work as a tool for the marketing strategy and realize the public relations policy. Finally, growth and business security were to be looked after by the platform’s technological function.


For projects such as Mon Credo, that from its inception was thought to undergo dynamic change and grow in new functionalities, no price can be put on the opportunity of unrestricted growth of the e-shop.


Since Magento is open-source, it is readily adaptable to any type of business. But flexibility in terms of management and product catalogue browsing is no less important. Multilayered navigation, a range of configuring and display options, product comparison, reviews and opinions – all work best for the assortment offered by a perfume shop.


 Perfumes and cosmetics are configured depending on the colour, volume and price, to mention but a few categories. What matters is how quickly the client will get to see them. wished to employ some of the powerful advertising and marketing tools (among others, VIP cards, access to promotions, promotional catalogues based on a variety of pricing policies that can be tailored to a particular store, category or product) and an advanced reviewing system.


system architecture

The Mon Credo perfume e-shop was a response, just like other Mon Credo outlets, to most demanding tastes and to customers, who cherish it all – the luscious design and extraordinary shopping experience that match the abundant and sophisticated assortment. Hence, the items needed a perfect display. And we achieved it through careful and extensive categorization, sophisticated search filters and accurate descriptions.


The expert section was to receive special attention. We had Magento integrated with the Wordpress blogging system so that frequent content creating and management was enabled. The blogging section has become a guide, if you will, in that magic world of perfume, unveiling before the user its secret knowledge of scents, not just any scents, but those less known, extraordinary, appreciated by very few.


1. Developing an e-commerce system on the Magento platform, fully integrated with sales systems and inventories in outlets.

2. Integrating the e-commerce system with a variety of CMS engines, the step which allowed to build information ecosystem around the e-shop, one that inspires and offers abundance of data.

3. Implementing a loyalty programme on the e-commerce platform where online and offline channel meet.

4. Implementing service for a variety of products – sets, group products or those configured by any definable features.

5. Implementing stand-alone affiliation marketing and an online press release platform.

6. Implementing a sales system for product samples.


The exquisite character of the perfume shop has been borne out by the visual design: framed in black, its minimalistic interface and typography get out the climate of Mon Credo.


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