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Imagine there is a product that gets out the most of the feminine beauty. Its craft is perfect. It leaves no woman turn her head to it. This product is a brooch by House of April. In awe we have created this project.


Basia Kwiecień – the brand owner and our client – is a rare treasure. Trapped in the corporate world for good 15 years she wanted a change. And not just any change. Her love for handcrafted goods spurred her to create and sell brooches on the Internet. “It is my passion – brooches. – says Basia. – I have never got to understand why this particular part of jewellery receives so little attention. Was this the tradition of treating brooches as something your grandma would wear? Well, it had to be changed. A bit of character, spice and timeless chic was all the brooches needed.”

Close collaboration gives EXTRAORDINARY effects

What we treasured most in the House of April project was being able to cooperate with this client and with her collection. And this unique project reflects it all.


Brooches by House of April celebrate the feminine beauty. This delight comes from the choice of colour, material used, any detail that adds character, be it elegant, fairy-tale, neon or jeans. These brooches needed their match: a place that would chime in with their style, and determine the concept and the target client of the House of April brand.


key element of success

It is tough to create and put a new brand on the market, no matter which branch we are talking about. While our client did come up with her idea of the store message, it was us who had to actually breathe life into the House of April brand. And this meant developing the strategy, the logo and visual representation, topped up with the implementation.


Swamped under tasks, we still took immense pleasure in cooperating with Basia. The client has put her entire confidence in us. Mutual respect and this truly friendly relationship bore fruit in best solutions.


Basia’s corporate years have exerted their influence on the House of April brand. A distaste for framework translateS into the collection of brooches that constitute everything a corporation is not.

A brooch by House of April is an accessory to a woman’s uniform for one thing,

but a true femininity manifesto for the other.


 In House of April, the woman symbolizes this eternal dilemma: an innocent romantic living in the world of fantasy, or an independent and attractive tease, boasting her feminine charm. Or perhaps a femme fatale – secretive and inaccessible, but a lethal attraction to men. The essence of the brand, it stands for its uniqueness on the jewellery market.


We have put all the stakes on avant-garde and expressiveness that would make the House of April lavish on the viewer. The interface does not get into the way but remains functional throughout the shopping process.


The leitmotiv for House of April, as envisaged by the brand, is contrasting two elements: background resembling a fairy tale, as if taken from a children’s story, and a model – an elegant and cultivated woman. The effect this has works without fail: “Leave reality and hold on to your dreams”.

We assumed the brand function would match the commercial one. After all, it is the customer awareness that each brand needs in order to get recognition. That said, we decided on bold, slightly avant-garde design that would fill up the entire screen together with product images and illustrations. We then had a renowned illustrator Adriana Krawcewicz, who is based in London, to work with us on the project. And the effect this all brought about is locked in these surprising colours and beautiful broochs. To touch them seems only too natural.


The choice of model that would suit our purposes did matter in our photo shoot, but was not the only priority. We wanted the brooches to stand out in a variety of styles. The brooch wears well when pinned to the jacket lapel, a collar, a belt or in hair. Our imagination shall be the only boundary. And this is where the client needs to get inspirations.




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